What to do when a loved one is having anxiety

We all have those periods of high stress and anxiety, especially in social situations or high traffic areas. Some of us experience it way worse than others, and sometimes way more extreme. These helpful tips can help you manage a loved one suffering from anxiety in social situations. 

1. Don't make them feel bad about it. Don't overly focus on it either. If you're in a highly crowded place do not point it out, especially for other people to hear. Let them know you are here for them. Don't hyper focus on them. It's the last thing to do.

The last thing people want is to highlight their current emotions and feelings of uncomfort. Let them know it's okay. Don't make them feel bad if you feel you can't help them either. 

2. Don't overly ask WHY they're feeling anxious. Odds are, they aren't really sure. just reassure them that you're here for them and it's okay.

3. Give them space to work on it. Do not over focus on their issue. Give them space to think it out and get re centered. 

4. When you feel they've gotten themselves to a better state, use a distraction technique like a really bad dad / mom joke. Act as if nothing has happened and go on with the day. 

5. Let them know it's okay! Everyone deals with it. And don't dwell on it or overly think about it. When the time is right, ask them what you can do for them specifically to make it easier for them. Everyone is unique so understanding how to work with them goes a long way, and shows you really do care.

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