About us

At the Happy Bear, we are community and health driven and we hope to better the world’s mental and physical health. We want to help everyone in all walks of life feel their best and perform at their best. We believe it begins from within, and with that comes with fueling our body right and getting our minds right. We’re building a community and space where we hope everyone feels welcomed, accepted, understood and safe. We hope to become a beacon of hope one day and we pride ourselves on acceptance, understanding, empathy, and compassion. We want to help everyone achieve their health goals, and most importantly, empower you to believe you can achieve anything. To believe anything is possible again, to become your own hero again. We want to build a community of empowering Bears. Let’s find our light again.


About Our Bottles:
Our bottles are so popular because of their size and ease of use. The spout and optional straw keep your fruits, herbs, and veggies in check while allowing you to infuse your nutrients for longer, allowing you to get more vitamins and minerals in by the end of the day, hit those vitamin and or detox goals. Either 1400mL or 2000mL bottle is the only bottle you need for the day, and makes getting your family into infused waters so much easier. There’s no limit or restrictions on how much you can add into your bottle. It’s the perfect all-day bottle.

Our Gym bottle is a must have for the convenience and extra storage.