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The Impact of Bullying on Mental Health and Self Worth

Bullying can have severe and long-lasting impacts on mental health for both the victims and the perpetrators. The psychological effects of bullying can be profound and may extend well into adulthood if not addressed effectively. Some of the key impacts of bullying on mental health include:   Anxiety and Depression: Victims of bullying often experience increased levels of anxiety and depression. The constant fear of being targeted, the humiliation and shame associated with being bullied, and the sense of helplessness can all contribute to the development of these mental health issues.   Low Self-Esteem and Self-Worth: Bullying can erode a person's self-esteem and self-worth. Frequent negative experiences and criticisms can make victims doubt themselves and their abilities, leading to a...

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Signs of Narcissists and the Effects We Must Fix

  If you have ever dealt with a narcissistic friend, family, or partner for too long, chances are at some point you have had to do the work and decondition a lot. We hope these tips can help you or any loved one you may know.  Remember, know that you have done the work to decondition, you are unstoppable and we are here for you. Be proud of how strong you are and the work you've done. And if you are beginning your journey, we hope this helps and just know you will come out stronger.    Things you adopt from Narcissists; Programming to look for and break:1. Your emotions don’t matterYou and your emotions are an inconvenience and an...

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Dealing with Anxiety

We all have those periods of high stress and anxiety, especially in social situations or high traffic areas. Some of us experience it way worse than others, and sometimes way more extreme. These helpful tips can help you manage a loved one suffering from anxiety in social situations.  1. Don't make them feel bad about it. Don't overly focus on it either. If you're in a highly crowded place do not point it out, especially for other people to hear. Let them know you are here for them. Don't hyper focus on them. It's the last thing to do. The last thing people want is to highlight their current emotions and feelings of uncomfort. Let them know it's okay. Don't...

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