Vision & Mission

About Us

I know what it's like to be and feel completely alone. I know what it’s like to deal with a mountain of hardships alone, and to have everyone around you putting you down or making you feel like you are not worthy or capable, or feel like no one understands, or cares. I never want another person on this planet to feel alone in whatever battle they are going through - no matter how big or small they may seem to you. The goal of The Happy Bear is to ensure nobody feels that way again and ensure the world's mental health is changed forever. This is just the beginning for The Happy Bear. My life’s mission is complete when we become a beacon and symbol of Hope and Community and we hope to change and save as many lives as possible.

Our Vision is to create a happier world with way more supportive friends and family. “If you want to fix the world, start with yourself.” Our vision is to create the strongest community built on acceptance, empathy, understanding, and empowering, supportive, and encouraging Bears helping other Bears face everything and rise. We want to help everyone achieve the inner peace they deserve and manifest everything they want in life.

I feel like I will reach my ultimate success in life when someone who needs support knows they can turn to the happy bear for comfort when they need it. My goal in life is to help everyone achieve anything they dream of,  get through every hardship they may be facing, and feel their absolute healthiest.


We are striving to become world known for empowering everyone to reach their best, get through anything, and reach their healthiest version. We want everyone to know they can be their own hero. A supportive community and a company striving to improve the worlds mental and physical health. We hope to help everyone feel their best. It all starts from within. Our vision is to transform the world's mental and physical health.


Our mission is to improve the world's mental and physical health and create a life changing community dedicated to doing just that. We are dedicating ourselves to help change or improve as many lives as possible. Our purpose is to help others feel their best so they can perform at their best, feel their best, and live their best life and that all starts from within.

Our mission is complete when we've become a world known beacon of hope, community, and inclusivity that's improved the world's mental health. We are striving to create a happier and healthier world. Our infusion bottles are meant to help you get more nutrients into you and your families’ lives easier by making your water work harder for you and help expel all toxins and clear your body and our Crystal bottles are meant to help you rebalance and renew. A happy body and happy mind is where it all begins.

Our mission is complete when The Happy Bear is known world-wide as a beacon of Hope, Community, and Inclusivity. We don’t want anyone to feel alone ever again and when people around the world, in all walks of life, can turn to the happy bear for hep in whatever they are going through. We are dedicated to building more than just a brand, we are dedicated to building a community in which people can find a safe space or an outlet and improving the World's Mental Health.

A message from The Happy Bear Founder:

“A couple of years ago I was at my absolute lowest. Everything was wrong. I had hit rock bottom in every facet possible. My whole life I had to endure, not enjoy or grow. Everyone I thought cared about me abandoned me and disappeared from my life in my only time of need and the only time I actually needed the people I thought were friends. It kept getting worse and worse. The lifelong issues I had endured just hit me all at once. I had never felt more alone in those years trying to heal myself. I hit rock bottom AGAIN. I decided I had enough and I refused to let my hardships, pain, and my past control anymore of my life and future.
I used the healing powers of crystals to work through my inner demons, deep rooted conditioning, and deep rooted trauma that affected me and my mind, and I rose again like a beautiful phoenix to the best version of myself. I put in the work and healed years of pent-up traumas and pain, crushed my inner demons, did the shadow work, and found balance within my mind.

I used the power of my favourite Clear Quartz, Lapis Azuli, and Purple Amethyst Renew Bottles to generate feelings of power, dedication, persistence, peace, clear mindedness and manifestation and did everything I never thought possible, or what I was constantly told was not possible. I have never felt this level of confidence, peace, safety, and security in my life. It all starts from within and nobody else can give that to you but yourself. You have to be your own hero and work through everything that was sent to destroy you.

I created the life of my dreams after being knocked down time and time again my whole life and being surrounded by the worst types of toxic people holding me back from becoming this version of myself. That mixed with clearing my body of toxins I reached a new level of mental clarity and happiness. I’ve never felt clearer and in control of my own mind, thoughts, and body.

I use our infusion waters to detox, cleanse, and add extra nutrients into my busy days. Everything starts in your gut, inner health is the key to feeling your best, and thinking at your best. Nourishing your body right is so important which is why I love using my infusion bottles. I make my water work harder for me and get even more vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into my body than I would without it.

I hope our bottles touch those who really need it just like I desperately did. I said good-bye to the timid shy girl that allowed people to put out my light and second guess myself. I rose up and faced my demons that hindered my thought processes and more.

It’s been proven water has its own frequency and memory and utilizing the power of this will transform your lives too and hopefully help you get out of any toxicity in your life holding you back. Or, if you just need a little help manifesting and clearing any stagnant energy into your lives, I hope we can achieve that too together.
I went from having absolutely nothing, being so unhappy with my life, feeling trapped, powerless, depressed, to rising up and fixing it all. It starts within you. I did it, and I hope we can help you do it too. Your RENEW journey starts now. Let’s make your dreams come true, and lets #MAKEITHAPPEN. My goal in life is to empower everyone around the world to be their best.

- Jess, Founder of the Happy Bear Co.