Detox Bottle
Detox Bottle
Detox Bottle
Detox Bottle
Detox Bottle
Detox Bottle
Detox Bottle
Detox Bottle
Detox Bottle
Detox Bottle


Detox Bottle

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Ridding your body of chemicals and staying hydrated is essential for a healthier body and mind.

🥒 No restrictions:
Big bottle design makes fitting even more fruits, herbs, and veggies in easier! Add as much as you want

🍍 Easy Clean up: 
Big mouth design makes everything easy to add in and remove to rinse out quickly

🍋 Longer infusion times:
The longer your fruits, herbs, and veggies can infuse for the more nutrients you're getting by the end of the day

🍊 All day hydration:
More water per infusion = 1 bottle is needed per day + extra vitamins from a longer infusion time. 2000mL bottle lasts you all day, instead of infusing smaller amounts of water. The only bottle you need

🛒 More sizing options:
Choose between the slim (2000ml) and minis (1400ml)

🍉 Safer, For Everyone:
The safety straw design ensures fruits, veggies, and herbs stay in place and don't try to make a run for it - down your throat! Makes it the perfect kid's bottle too allowing them to get more vitamins and minerals in, in a tasty way!

♻️ Materials to last:
You're doing your part by helping reduce single use plastic and waste. Healthy and eco friendly? Yes please!

This Detox Bottle is the perfect solution for healthy weight loss and tackling gut issues and increasing energy levels. Get more beneficial nutrients in your day and enjoy a healthier gut. It's designed with a patented air-release valve that maintains taste and freshness while ensuring maximum detoxification of your water. The perfect companion for those looking to achieve a healthy lifestyle while on the go. 

The bigger, better, easier Infusion Bottle. Designed for all day hydration and longer infusion times. Your new all in one bestie, with extra perks. Stay refreshed and revitalized all day with the Detox Bottle! This insulated bottle helps you easily infuse your water with the benefits of detoxing, getting more beneficial nutrients and healthy energy to promote a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy natural hydration at home or on the go.

1400 mL
 / 7 Cups of Water / Your Daily Essential

More Details:

  1. Safety lock: One-key opening of the lid preventing accidental contact and water leakage
  2. Handle ring design: handle ring, portable travel, easy to carry, convenient for life
  3. Silicone nozzle: food-grade silicone nozzle, soft silicone, protects the gums
  4. Full Anti - Leak: No water leakage when inverted: 360° inversion does not leak water makes this the best kids bottle for an all day event.
  5. Built in sturdy handle for carrying
  6. BPA Free
  7. Twist wide mouth option allows you to add fruits, ice, or veggies!
  8. Eco Friendly
  9. Bounce cover